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By using our services, you agree to these Terms and Conditions set out in this document. These terms and conditions are a contract between CoolingGTA herein referred to as “Service Provider” and you herein referred to as “Client” and these rules govern any transaction between DuctlessCanda and you.

By requesting our services, you confirm you understand all these rules and accept them and agree to these terms and conditions.

CoolingGTA’s terms and conditions are set of rules that is a governing legal document for any transaction between CoolingGTA and its clients in the event if there is any conflict between CoolingGTA and its clients. CoolingGTA reserves the rights to withdraw from any project or proposal without prior notice of acceptance by clients.

Price and Payment:

Upon request, CoolingGTA will provide you with any quote for any project, which will be valid for only one week from the day it was submitted to you officially. Once you sign a contract and agreement is reached by both CoolingGTA and you, by default you agree to these terms of payment as agreed either by installment or in full any invoices rendered by CoolingGTA for the services provided to you by CoolingGTA.

In any case, as this Terms and Agreements dictate, all payments are to be paid in full without any condition upon completion of the project unless condition(s) are set at the time of signing any agreement or contract with CoolingGTA. By agreeing to this Terms and Conditions, you authorize CoolingGTA to perform a credit check if transaction is decided in installments or invoiced for a later payment when it specifically come to commercial projects. CoolingGTA reserves the right to demand payment on delivery of equipment and fabrication of materials is done by CoolingGTA. You agree to pay interest on outstanding payments that exceeds the 15 days if mutually agreement is reached between CoolingGTA and you for any overdue or outstanding balance, rate of which will be decided at the time of signing contract.You also agree to pay CoolingGTA’s lawyer fee for collection of if unpaid balance. If you fail to pay CoolingGTA in full as agreed, CoolingGTA has and reserves the right to cease work and post notes on your property with no liability without any prior notice. If CoolingGTA does not receive payment as agreed, CoolingGTA has the right to remove all workmen and stored material from job site without prior notice. Work performed, material purchased, labour and other operational costs shall the billed to client and should be paid in full without any condition.

Personal liability:

It is CoolingGTA’s policy to hold the signing authority Personally LIABLE for any payment that is due or outstanding, the signing authority can be a homeowner, someone designated by homeowner to sign on behalf of owner, manager signing on behalf of a company, contractor on behalf of homeowner or business owner, jointly liable who are authorized, and which the due or outstanding balance can be including but not limited to any interest, penalties, or attorney’s fee assed for non-payment.

Title to Equipment:

Unless until a full payment is made by client unconditionally and received by CoolingGTA, the Title of equipment(s) provided under Agreement shall not pass to client. Equipment(s) shall remain the property of CoolingGTA, to which client agrees and aknowleges that CoolingGTA will have security interest in the equipment(s), materials, parts installed by CoolingGTA. Client agrees and acknowledges CoolingGTA will have access to the property or otherwise project site until the full payment is received by CoolingGTA, but also CoolingGTA will have full authority to remove the equipment, parts, materials and any other belongings of CoolingGTA from the premises where the work was performed.