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Please be advised that scammers are on the loose these days and anyone can impersonate anyone, any company, any agency and even government. You might have received a call from a generic phone number claiming to be from CRA and the Sheriff’s Office is on the way to arrest you. Please be advised that any government or established companies will never call you in any format as it has been the case by scammers. If you know you owe CRA or CoolingGTA.ca for any pending transaction, you will get a letter first and maybe a follow up call afterwards. Over the phone, not CRA nor CoolingGTA.ca will threaten you and ask you for your credit card information. It will always be in the form of writing and yet you will know if you owe and need to pay any outstanding transaction.

CoolingGTA’s privacy policy complies with and is based on the governing privacy act and laws in Canada. CoolingGTA does not share of sell any personal information of its clients unless otherwise it is requested by relevant government agencies i.e. Canadian Revenue Agency. CoolingGTA protects its clients personal and banking information with utmost security and consideration. CoolingGTA shares its clients’ information with manufacturer for product registration purposes and with relevant government or agencies who administer rebates or grants.

Any information of our client shared with a third party for aforementioned reasons, CoolingGTA will seek and obtain its clients’ consent prior to signing for any transaction.

When you first contact CoolingGTA, you are not obliged to provide us with personal and financial information unless you decide to do so with your consent, of course. Once you agree to any transaction and decide to do business with CoolingGTA, only then CoolingGTA will request for your personal information i.e. home address, but with your consent only. CoolingGTA assures its clients that their personal information will be safeguarded, handled carefully and dealt with extreme caution and care.


CoolingGTA is not an advertising company or campaign figure and as such your information will not be used for marketing purposes. CoolingGTA is always strictly committed to protecting its clients’ privacy. CoolingGTA is not affiliated with any other companies or advertising companies. We never call you to sell you any product other than the products or services you request for. Unless you agree, consent and engage into an active transaction with CoolingGTA, we will not ask for your personal or banking information. After a transaction is completed, we however wish to contact you to introduce services and opportunities that can save you and your family money and energy.


We once again emphasize that CoolingGTA does not collect personal and banking information unless otherwise clients enter into a sales agreement with consent. Once an agreement is reached between client and CoolingGTA, we only then collect the following information solely intended to serve you, administer your future claims, warranties or available rebate.

With your consent and agreement, we request for your name, telephone number, home address and business address (for commercial clients). We never ask for your social insurance number, your loan, financial status, tax account or any irrelevant information.


CoolingGTA is obliged by the governing laws in Canada to share clients’ information with Canadian Revenue Agency and other government agencies like law enforcement when requested by those agencies for specific purposes i.e. prosecution or implementing laws.

CoolingGTA does not and will never discloses its clients’ personal and banking information with any entity or companies under any circumstances or business or any other purposes.


CoolingGTA has all the necessary security measures to safeguard clients’ information and prevent any unauthorized access by a third party. CoolingGTA understands the invasiveness of today’s technology and is committed to ensuring that its clients’ information is safe and secure by means of physical, electronic and managerial procedures. CoolingGTA partnered with Online Security Providers and Information Technologies and has recent advanced technological capabilities, Softwares to protect its clients’ privacy, personal and banking information at all times.