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How to clean the Air Conditioner Condenser Coil

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  2. How to clean the Air Conditioner Condenser Coil
How to clean the Air Conditioner Condenser Coil

The principal function of the air conditioner is to exchange the hot air inside the room to the outside air. This operation is performed by using a very simple refrigeration principle and an important component that is involved in this process is the condenser coil which is made of aluminum and it surrounds the air conditioning compressor.

Inside the air conditioning unit, there happens a change of state of refrigerant from a liquid state to the gaseous form. This gas then moves to the compressor where it is compressed under high pressure. The compressed air is very hot and it then goes to through the condenser coil. This causes the gas to cool and convert it again to the liquid state. This process is repeated again and again.

If the coils of the condenser are blocked due to some dirt or other material, the gas inside it does not become so cool to be converted into a liquid state and this leads to a big problem. Under such conditions, no cooling happens and compressor becomes so hot that it even causes a complete failure of the compressor. So the coils of condenser have to remain free from dirt in order to ensure the stable operation of the air conditioner. Cleaning this coil is not so difficult. The following guidelines will make it even simple.

Tools needed to remove dust from the condenser coil are a garden hose having a nozzle, another important tool is a wrench, which is used to take out condenser fan and garden sprayer in order to apply cleaning solution. First of all the power should be disconnected through a switch located somewhere near to the condenser. Once power is disconnected the fan should be removed which is normally present at the top side of the system. The coil should be wet down with the help of a garden hose. Different types of coil cleaner can also be used to clean the coil. After using it take the garden hose and clean the dust out of the condenser coil. Then the coil should be rinsed with water so that all the dirt is removed. After that, all the removed components should be placed carefully.
One can select any of the solution used for cleaning purposes like some good household cleaner or even radiator cleaners can also be used. If the coil is too much dirty then it is useful to buy a foaming coil cleaner that is specially made for this purpose. As the cleaners use some sort of very strong chemical one should use gloves and goggles while using them.

There are a number of advantages if the condenser coil remains clean. The air conditioner unit will work in the most efficient way. It helps to save electricity and increases the operating life of the compressor. It is recommended to clean the condenser coil every year. Some of the precautionary measures include cleaning the compressor on regular basis and avoiding the growth of plants near the air conditioning unit.

If air conditioning unit is used by taking certain things into account it will increase the life of the compressor and one can save the money that is normally used for repair and maintenance if the measures are not taken.

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