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Welcome to CoolingGta. At CoolingGta, we are a team of dedicated HVAC installers and technicians specializing in cooling system in both residential and commercial applications. If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy HVAC service provider, look no further. With more than two decades of experience in HVAC business, CoolingGTA has its mark in the field through its expert installation, repair and services.


CoolingGta offers more than two decades of expertise in residential and commercial air conditioning. Our installers and technicians undergo thorough reviews and tests to ensure they are well-qualified and have the required expertise, troubleshooting knowledge and skills before we hire them and eventually send them out to field.

Our installers and technicians are trained systematically to ensure they are empowered and have knowledge of the new technologies are the clock.

When it comes to cooling or air conditioning, we have seen it all over the years. We faced challenges to fix a problem in cooling units that helped our installers and technicians to be the expert they are now.

We are committed to safety, as safety is first in every industry. We can either fix your new cooling unit or replace it if you decide to upgrade. We have access to vast variety of resources that can help me be the proud expert service provider in the industry.

Summer heat is pleasant after suffering the – 40 degrees cold season, but not when your air conditioner breaks down. Contact CoolingGta for a fair price estimate and same day or next day installation. We provide complete installation and no job is so small or so big for us when it comes to air conditioning.

Your air conditioning system can last and last if you invite an HVAC professional to service it on yearly basis. By preventive maintenance done on yearly basis, you can avoid hefty cost burdens and enjoy having no hassle cooling throughout the summer. It is not only a safety measure, but also a requirement by all manufacturers, which you can read more in the users guide that comes with your air conditioning system.

We hate a broken air conditioning system in our own homes as much as you do. However, if you have a broken unit, trust us that we either fix it or replace it if you wish to do so. You can call us, count on us, and trust us to fix your existing unit 24/7. Holidays, after hours, weekends do not cost you more, we keep our promise. We can repair any make and model at a fair price.

We can help you over the phone to give you an estimate if that is the method you prefer. We can also visit you in person and provide you an estimate to upgrade your air conditioner, our visit costs you nothing. Let us take one burden off your shoulders.

If you don’t want to pay at once for your maintenance and if you want to have peace of mind knowing that you are taken care of when your air conditioning system breaks down, we have comfort plans to help you gain that peace of mind. Discuss with us the monthly payment, starting at as low as $16 per month to cover your labor and parts warranty coverage.

If you face any technical problem and have no cooling, please call us to help you diagnose the problem over the phone. Maybe, it is a simple issue that prevents your unit to not function the way it is supposed to be. If not solved over the phone, we will send someone to diagnose the unit. If not fixed, we will replace it.

Contact Cooling GTA

If you face any technical problem and have no cooling, please call us


We make the difference because we care about our clients. When you choose us, you will only experience good customer service and commitment.

Our team of dedicated sales and installer experts will walk with you through every step of the way, be it upgrading to a new system both residential and commercial or any other HVAC project for that matter, we provide very personalized services and consultation.

You are not just a number, a dollar sign or a client, you are rather our partner in business. We wish to have the pride to call you our partner. Partnership is built on trust and we deliver that. We appreciate your trust to give us your business and we promise to deliver to your satisfaction. You can count on us, trust us and believe in us that we deliver to our degree of expertise, knowledge and professionalism. We will not disappoint you.

Referrals and words of mouth is the basis of the business. If we deliver to your satisfaction, your will recommend us to your family, friends and co-workers, which is what we count on. Our team of dedicated experts count on you to make us who we want to be. We are customer-service-driver company who is committed to excellent customer service and it is our motto. Let our team of dedicated professionals serve you and we exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Deadline is everything and time is money. We give you the timeline to meet your deadline to the extend possible. We are not scared of snowstorm, rain or any weather unless otherwise it totally disables us to perform and deliver at the time-limit we agreed on. We have never failed to deliver on a given time, but we should consider the obstacles along the way.

At the outset of the transaction and before you commit to any transaction, we will unfold all the details about our transaction. After all, we don’t want the hassle of post-transaction. We are straightforward in our transactions. Our aim is to ensure that we leave you with all the information you need to make an informed decision before you commit to an investment. We don’t want to waste your hard-earned money.

At CoolingGta, we cannot emphasize enough that our business model is based on professionalism, trustworthiness, transparency, customer-driven services, excel customer service and fairness. Our ethics policy is the forefront driver of our business. We can not cut corners, we can not force you into a transaction, we can not trick you into a transaction, we don’t use scary sales tactics or sales pitches to persuade you to agree to any transaction with CoolingGta. This is our business model, based on which we work and deliver. Down the road, there is a service provider available to you and there is a client available to us, but we want to be distinguished as a provider with ethics and promise.



Whether you have a question about CoolingGTA, need support or would just like to give us some feedback, we’re happy to hear from you.



I learned from CoolingGTA folks about the importance of proper and precise sizing when it comes to deciding on the tonnage of an Air Conditioner. Shocking as it sounded when they explained about oversizing, I then realized why my house suffered dehumidification problem for years because the previous contractor advised to install three tons AC instead of two ton making me believe it will provide desired cooling rate. Folks! avoid oversizing. To CoolingGTA folks, your team did a great job at my house, we are in business. God bless
P. Nowakowski

P. Nowakowski

Home Owner
I was thrilled to sense the confidence, professionalism and honesty, but more importantly, the punctuality of your team from sales to installation. Jason and Adam were the ones we signed the contract with them. Your team’s efforts to educate your client (me) during a deal is just amazing. Through my contact with you guys, I should confess I learned a lot about Air Conditioning.
Jianing Chen

Jianing Chen

I have had good experience with CoolingGTA. They did not install my AC, but they offered parts and labour coverage on my existing furnace for a little mount of monthly payment. I know my furnace is due for an upgrade soon, until then I am glad CoolingGTA offered an affordable solution to help me and my family.
Raza A

Raza A

Home Owner
Guys, please accept my and my family’s appreciation and we are happy to write a review to help your business. Your installation crew specially the helpers were awesome because they cleaned the house as the work was in progress. Your helpers were so quick to know how we like our house to be cleaned and they just made sure it remained clean. Your installers were wonderful, specially when they divided the work to install our AC and water heater and their work was as clean as their helpers. My husband and I are pleased with your team’s work.
Stacy and Kassandra

Stacy and Kassandra

Home Owners

The reason Toronto and its surrounding areas trust Cooling GTA for air conditioning:

  • TSSA, Ontario College of Trade and  HRAI certified
  • Licensed and factory-trained technicians
  • Offering a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Providing 24/7/365 emergency repair services
  • Our business is built on honesty, quality, and integrity
  • We offer a lowest price guarantee on installations
24 7 service


Certified Technicians

How Does a Central Air Conditioner Work?

How Does a Central Air Conditioner Work?